At Charleston Veterinary House Calls, our goal is to offer you the best personalized care for your pets in the comfort of your home. Veterinary Medicine is not just something we do, it’s apart of who we are. Dr. Nicole Constantine has extensive experience in areas of preventative medicine, internal medicine, pediatric and geriatric care, dermatology, behavior medicine and nutrition. We recognize that there are so many decisions pet owners have to make and often you may feel overwhelmed with opinions: are vaccines safe? what food to feed? when to spay/neuter? best way to train? when is it time to say goodbye? We want you to know and trust that we are here to help you navigate through your journey as pet owners. Our four-legged friends have become part of our family, and we understand that everyday matters to the last moment of their lives.
There is great value to a house call service for many reasons including less stress to both owner and their companion, less exposure to contagious diseases, and convenience. Dr. Nicole Constantine is experienced in providing personal attention to the unique needs of each individual pet and client. When becoming a partner in your pet’s health, we will also partner with other veterinarians, specialists and trainers in our community to ensure that continuity of care is upheld to the highest standards.

Our Mission:

  1. Partner with our clients to nurture and preserve the human-animal bond
  2. Provide compassionate care and personal attention to the unique needs of pets and clients
  3. Offer excellent veterinary service while upholding the highest standard of care
  4. Offer education and support to clients and caregivers about the roles they play in keeping their pets healthy and happy.
  5. Foster a healthy veterinarian-patient-client relationship based on respect, trust and commitment.

If you have any questions about how we can care for your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us at (843) 901-7872. Thank you!